There Is No Steak in Space

The Cast

Charlotte Jeane Plott

Charlotte is Bucketís dashing bathrobed captain and pilot. Hailing from the destitute mining planet Poorous, her status as possibly the only blind captain from a background of poverty choosing to sail on solar winds among a deadly asteroid field marks her as either crazy-suicidal or impassioned-suicidal. When asked, Charlotte would claim the latter and possibly proceed to gush her love of sailing and the freedom it provides etc. etc. However choosing to actively engage in conversation with you is unlikely for her unless youíre one of her close friends, or alternatively sheís supped up on some powerful pain suppressants for her optical implant. Her lifeís focus is currently contending with a crushing pile of debts, dangerous work for scraps of pay, and a sometimes incompetent albeit well-meaning crew.


Bucketís first mate and prodigy mechanic/systems engineer, Elle grew up kicking around with Charlotte on Poorous. Her unknown parents abandoned her as a baby to the fate of a random mine cart, which she believes actually served her purposes quite nicely. Sheíll tell you that her adoption into an extended family of miners opened the door for her on-the-job study of everything she loves, from heavy-duty industrial equipment to software network infrastructure. Prying past her rough outer appearance, one finds a scholar of the highest caliber armed with an impressive intellect well suited to her passion for learning and only equaled by her desire to create. However, Elleís uncontainable energy and sometimes supernatural lack of focus lay to rest any fantasies of respectable study while settled in plush, university libraries. Regardless, she is determined to work among the great minds of the universe designing the latest space flight technology, even if she has to hack into their databases to upload her schematics.

Alexander Barnaby

Alexander is Bucketís chef, rigging monkey and advocate for the crew to employers with odd jobs. He wears his o-so indie College Dropout in Pursuit of the Culinary Arts badge proudly, right next to his questionably authentic Ladies Man award, and his much debated Hot Shit at Everything He Does certificate. Mostly lazy and undisciplined when working, he seems to only ever be serious in the kitchen when cooking, where one can witness him shed his thin, outer douche-bag shell showing he is actually an okay guy and pretty good chef. Currently, Alex has overcome his fiercest rivals, his doctor parents, and their desire for him to follow in their footsteps, to blithely plow forth in his dream to become a celebrity in the cooking world. Unfortunately, harsh mistress practicality badgered him into tough work with the intrepid crew of Bucket, which he begrudgingly accepted in part believing he had good chances with Charlotte or Elle. The team, of course, found this to be a beneficial arrangement as they were in desperate need of new, cheap hired-hand and someone willing to beg shamelessly for jobs.


The Abana-C3 industrial class tug spaceship is designed primarily with asteroid collision damage control functionality in mind. Its triple solar sail propulsion design is well adapted to The Beltís powerful solar winds allowing for 98% fuel efficiency during regular travel and 85% fuel efficiency during towing operations. Additionally, a thick plated hull designed with minimal structural weaknesses and simple, effective electronics allows for both ease of use and reliability in the dangerous debris fields of the galaxy. The ship can house a work crew of up to six for a month long period in space.

The Belt

Not done yet. Writing concise is hard -_-

About the writers:
One cold, winter holiday past, three siblings sat in a near-comatose state from good food consumed and sweet gaming times achieved. In this vulnerable state of satisfaction a sudden burst of inspiration rekindled a childhood dream held by all parties involved. What followed, the flurry of brainstorming, writing, scribbling, and sketching, ultimately resulted in the work presented here on this site: me and my friends (siblings) made a comic book. Please enjoy our tale that follows the odd cast of industrial-working, pirate-smuggling, debutante-chasing, systems-hacking space-sailors.